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Wide List of Health Plans Accepted by the Neurosurgeon

In event of you searching for the best neurosurgeon in the Berkeley, CA region, your best bet would be to search for Gordon Tang. The good doctor has been a popular neurosurgeon in the region. Gordon has been largely famous for in neurosurgery and spine surgery arena. If you were or anyone you know is suffering from neuro or spinal injury, you could search for the good doctor online with ease in the Berkeley, CA region. Neurosurgery has been an expensive treatment. Therefore, you should consider searching for best treatment plans for your specific needs. Gordon Tang would accept a wide number of health plans suitable to your specific requirements.

You would find a list of health plans accepted by the doctor. Despite the fact that the doctor would accept a wide number of health plans, it would be in your best interest to inquire the health plan whether they cover the doctor’s office. It would help you verify whether the plan could be accepted by the doctor’s clinic. Some of the accepted plans are AETNA, Anthem Blue Cross plans, Blue Shield plans, CIGNA, Health Net, Sutter Health Plus, Scan Health Plan and United Health Care. You should inquire about the plans before fixing an appointment with the doctor.


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