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Peeping at the Credentials and Achievements of Gordon Tang

Gordon Tang has been a popular neurosurgeon in the Berkeley, CA region. However, only a few would be aware of his accomplishments in the field of neurosurgery and spine surgery. You would be surprised on hearing about the interests of the good doctor.

His professional interests includes back and spine problems, brain tumors, brain surgery, cervical spine disorders, cervical disc disease, Degenerative diseases of the spine and more. The list is endless. The doctor has wide experience in the neurological and spine surgeries. His affiliations to the hospitals and medical affiliations also add to his popularity and experience in the medical arena. Gordon Tang has been certified by the board in neurological surgery.

Dr. Tang has passed from the University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine. These are popular and renowned institutes in the region and the world. Dr. Tang did his internship from the University of Southern California Medical Center and fellowship from the Emory University School of Medicine. His credentials put forth a clear picture of his ability and competency as a neurological and spine surgeon.

Doctor Gordon Tang has been fluent in English and Spanish. His knowledge in the neurological and spine arena has been unmatched. His experience would help with the treatment and recovery in the right manner.